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Support Local Businesses


Buy a Karben hoodie to help support local businesses in Wisconsin and Illinois impacted by COVID-19. ALL of the net profits from the sale of the hoodies will go to support these businesses.

How do you pick which businesses to support? 

When you place your order, write your favorite local business that you think we should support in the form below. Of the list you provide, we will pick a couple businesses to support.

How do you support the businesses?

I will be buying a gift card from the business if they have one available. If not, I will purchase their product or service. After purchase, I will be gifting the gift card and product/service to people in need during the holidays.

Additionally, I want to ask several business owners from your list to be a guest on my podcast to bring more awareness to the brand.

Who's your favorite local business?

Please include the company's name, location and website

Thanks for submitting!