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Email Marketing

Are you tired of spending money on advertising that isn't converting into leads or sales? Let us help you create targeted and effective campaigns that will reach people that are interested in your product or service.



One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. We encourage our clients to invest in software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. There will be a cost for sending thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels.

Target fans of your brand

Email marketing is one of the only channels that consumers ask to receive. Most businesses only send messages to those who have signed up to receive them. This allows for much higher conversion rates as we're only targeting those who already have an interest in the brand.


With an automation platform, we have the ability to target only those interested in what you're offering. Even further, we're able to only send emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria.

Calls to action

Email marketing is great for taking advantage of impulse buying. There aren’t many other marketing platforms which allow customers to go from witnessing an offer to purchasing an item within two clicks of a button. With a tempting call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email newsletters can drive sales like no other channel.

Trackable Results

Tracking from automation platforms allows us to see where we may be going wrong with the campaigns and adjust accordingly.