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How New Businesses Can Leverage Social Media to Build Their Brand

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

4.48 billion people use social media, and if you're new on the block, you need to find a way to leverage it to your advantage. If you don't think you need social media, you're mistaken.

Social media can be useful for increasing brand awareness and helping you reach a broader target audience. Want to know how to leverage social media and learn the importance of building a brand identity for your company?

You've come to the right place. Below, you're going to find what you need to know about social media marketing and brand identity.

What Is Brand Identity?

There are two ways to prospectively view a brand. The first is the way a brand wants customers to perceive them, and the second is the way that they're seen by customers.

Brand identity is the story that companies tell about themselves. It's how they wish to be seen by customers and the values and beliefs the company embodies as it conducts business.

Things like brand outlook or personality are when a company takes the things that make them unique and magnifies them to help them stand out from its competitors. Brand identity is important for several reasons, including that it helps you create your brand image.

Some brands find it challenging to develop an image that reflects their brand identity, but once you're able to achieve this, it will help increase your brand recognition. Brand identity also makes it easier to create branding consistency.

Now that you've got a better understanding of what brand identity is, here are some ways you can leverage social media to build your brand.

Attract the Right Followers

One of the main goals businesses hope to achieve when using social media platforms is to spread awareness and educate their followers about the products and services they have to offer. It's also to educate people on your specific niche.

The first step to leveraging social media for your brand is to attract the right type of followers. This means taking the time to define your target audience and ensuring each piece of content you publish piques their interest.

After you've defined your audience, you've got to ensure you're doing the right things so they're able to see the content you post. The best way to do this is through hashtags and running ad campaigns.

Hashtags make your content appear for users that have used your specific hashtags. However, when you're using hashtags, make sure you don't use generic tags.

Using generic tags could cause you to appear in a search with millions of other posts, making it hard for you to reach the right people. Instead, do your research and choose a few hashtags you can include with your content.

When you launch an ad campaign, take advantage of the audience features it comes with. For instance, if your product is clothing for the colder months, you'll want to use the geographic filters available.

This ensures your ads appear for users that need clothing to keep them warm when it's cold outside.

SEO Is Your Friend

If you've asked yourself if the SEO industry will ever stop growing, the answer is no. In 2020, businesses spent more than $47.5 billion on SEO for their websites.

SEO helps to drive traffic to your website from your social media content. If you've not taken the time to optimize your website, how do you intend for your followers to find it?

The first step is to create content that aligns with the message your brand is conveying to its consumers. From there, you need to ensure your content is engaging and makes people want to share it with others.

Another thing to remember when creating content is that it should be keyword optimized so that it appears in search engines. To do this, take some time to research the most popular keywords in your niche.

It's crucial to choose a mixture of short and long-tail keywords. Many businesses use short-tail keywords, which means you're going to face a lot of competition. However few use long-tail keywords, which means you're more likely to rank higher when you use a combination of both in your content.

Also, don't forget to optimize the title and meta description of your content by sprinkling the keywords you've researched throughout them and the body of the content.

Create a Strong Community

Your community on social media will become the league of followers that are loyal to your brand. This means they're the reoccurring customers you rely on to keep your business going and spread the word to others about the products and services your business offers.

We've already talked about understanding your audience, but the second step is asking your current customers questions. When you ask these questions, ensure you're taking the time to listen to what their responses are.

From there, you can formulate an answer to enhance the customer buying journey and improve it moving forward. By doing this, you're showing your followers you value their opinion and will do what's in their best interest as far as making changes to products or updates.

Best Ways to Leverage Social Media

As a new business looking to leverage social media, there are several ways to do this. The first thing you should do is define your target audience.

If you don't define your audience, you won't know which filters to use to attract them to your content. Also, don't shy away from using SEO to help your content appear in the top search engine results.

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We have the expertise you need, so get started now and contact our experts.

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