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Top Amazing Reasons to Hire a Web Design Agency for Your Website

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

There are more reasons than you might expect to hire a web design agency for your website. Read on and learn more about it here.

Are you wondering how to improve your website? Are you unsure where to begin with creating one? It is time to contact a web design agency.

There are over 1.9 billion websites online, and that number is growing every minute. Gone are the days of quickly using a website template and gaining online traction. Your website needs to stand out from the crowd to be a success.

It is great that there are so many DIY website builders. However, if you want a professional site, you need to go a step further. You need professional support.

Read on to learn the top reasons why hiring a web design agency will be the best decision for your website.

What Is a Web Design Agency?

A web design agency is specialized in creating graphic design for your website. They are responsible for how the website looks and how well it entices users. Web design companies are often also graphic design companies that work on other areas of graphic design too.

Web design companies focus on logos, content, branding, color schemes, and the general website's look. They will focus on everything from alignment and space to color and contrast for the most effective website design outcome.

What Does a Web Design Company Do?

The specific tasks of web design and graphic design companies depend on their specialisms. Some companies will focus on specialized aspects of web design, whereas others will cover various tasks, such as:

  • Mobile Apps

  • Web Apps

  • Responsive Website Design

  • HTML Email Campaigns

  • Landing Pages

  • Digital Ads

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Custom Snapchat Filters

  • SEO Optimization

So the web design does not have to stop at your website. Companies can also support you with your digital presence across different web design platforms. They will use different platforms to create a quality design for you.

Top Reasons to Hire a Web Design Agency

There are many website layouts and builders to choose from, making starting a website easier than ever. However, it does not mean this is the best option for your website.

Whether you are an established business, you are just starting, or you want a personal website that lasts long-term, there are many amazing reasons to hire a web design agency:

First Impressions Count

It only takes a fraction of a second for users to form an opinion of your website. They will quickly leave your site if it does not have an eye-catching design that captures their attention.

So, these first seconds are crucial to engaging website traffic. It does not matter if the rest of your digital marketing strategy is attracting users to your site because you will have a high bounce rate if they leave again. Soon this will negatively impact your website's domain authority and success.

A graphic design company will work with you to create the best landing pages for your website.

They will communicate the right message to appeal to your target audience, with the right colors, logo, font, images, and other key web design features.

Flexible Graphic Design Options

You have limited design options with website builders. If you want a specific feature that it does not offer, you will have to accept defeat. The result is often a simple website that functions, but maybe not to the best of its design ability.

Plus, you are often limited to staying on that platform. If you want to move platforms, it often means starting your website again, which can induce shudders down the spine. Instead of throwing away your hard work and creative visions, hire a web design agency.

A professional agency has the skills and experience to create an imaginative and flexible site that looks good and functions well. You have more options and design control to ensure the website reflects your visions.

The Best Resources and Latest Trends

Graphic design companies also have access to the best resources, such as add-ons, expensive platforms, and web development kits. These are sometimes not accessible to the general public or extremely costly to purchase.

These resources will help guarantee that you have access to the best designs, the latest technology, and bug fixes. Plus, design companies are constantly monitoring the latest trends, so you can stay ahead of the game and have a website that appears functional and stylish.

Quality Experience

A graphic design agency has the experience to create your website in the most efficient way. They have spent years building clients their dream websites, so there is no need to go through the process of trial and error. They will get it right the first time and quickly make changes if you are not happy with any design element.

Experience also means knowing how to deal with any problems that arise quickly. Web design issues will cause delays and website maintenance time for many people. However, web design companies have the knowledge and problem-solving skills to avert such issues quickly.

A Successful Strategy

Web design companies do not just use graphic design to make your website look good. They also have tried and tested processes to help your website succeed.

For example, they will spend time strategizing and designing your site. Then they will apply the creative vision and begin to build your site. After this, they will test it and launch it, also monitoring the website in case there is any need for updates.

The result of these processes is that you will have a website before you know it, which does not only look good but functions as it should too.

Website Scalability

Do you have any goals for your website? Even if you do not now, your website will hopefully grow over time. But a successful website also needs to be adapted to cater to its growth.

A website builder or layout can limit your options for scalability and even put you back to square one.

On the other hand, design companies can design your website so you can scale it in the future. It will be easier to add extra elements, such as blogs, chat boxes, and videos. Do not worry about having days of website downtime; your website can continue to grow without interruption.

Brand Identity

65% of people can remember visual content three days after seeing it, but only 10% can remember written content. This is why it is essential to create solid branding that is consistent and true to your business. Even if you have a website for personal reasons, it should still have identifiable graphics, such as a logo, which users will remember.

A web design company can help you be consistent with your graphic design in a way that also speaks to its audience. They will use color, font, images, and other graphic design techniques to communicate your identity clearly.

A Secure Website

In 2022, 30,000 cyber-attacks are happening every day. It does not matter how big or small your website is; it is still susceptible. However, some factors put it more at risk.

One of these factors is using a website builder or layout that is not frequently updated. Hackers can easily access these types of sites and quickly do damage. The damage does not only impact your time and hard work, but it can be costly to recover too.

A web design company will create a secure design that is harder to access. If you also take other security precautions, you can have peace of mind that your website is as secure as it can be.

Fast Loading Times

Sometimes, users do not even make it to your website if it is too slow to load. The probability of a visitor leaving your site increases by 123% if load times increase from one second to ten.

When you design your own website, it is easy to incorporate design elements that slow down your webpage speed. A well-designed website will have faster-loading speeds, which means users are more likely to stick around and check out your website.

User-Friendly Design

A web design company also knows how to make your custom website design user-friendly. They have studied websites and user behavior to determine what designs work and what does not work. They are also familiar with issues that reduce the ease of use for visitors.

Many small but essential details will make or break your website's success. For example, you need to know where features such as sign-up forms, addresses, navigation bars, and logos are best placed. Web design agencies also know what visitors enjoy and make them come back again.

Less Website Downtime

A design company also knows how to make the website accessible for you. You want to edit the site or have support to contact in case something goes wrong. They will ensure you have design support and can understand how to access your own website with ease.

The result? Less downtime, which equals more website traffic and revenue. It also makes the website more enjoyable for you to use.

Be Professional

A fast-loading, user-friendly website is professional. But a slow-loading, incompatible website is quite the opposite. You will add credibility to your business and show you are committed to the information or services you are sharing.

Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can have a great website design, but users will not see your site if you do not have great SEO. Most internet users will only look at the first page of search engine results, and some only look at the top few results.

For your website to be seen, you need a good SEO strategy. Part of a good SEO strategy involves efficient web design. If there are many error pages, excessive use of CSS, HTML frames, and other elements, or slow load times, it can negatively impact your site's performance.

A web design agency removes this risk and helps you get on track for website success. Here at Karben Marketing, we also offer SEO services, so you have SEO and web design expertise in one place.

Mobile Compatability

The rise of smartphones worldwide means many internet users are on their mobiles. Around 85% of Americans own a smartphone, which is likely to continue to increase.

If your website does not have a responsive design, you lose a huge percentage of internet users. They will not be able to read parts of the test or see certain images, which will increase bounce rate and lower user satisfaction. Hiring a web design agency means you benefit from a responsive website design, making it accessible on all devices.


Although there is an initial investment when hiring a design company for your website, it is a cost-effective long-term investment. You save money in various ways:

  • No need to invest in expensive design tools

  • Save time

  • Focus on other parts of website planning

  • Less downtime

  • Fewer security risks

  • More visitors and leads

  • More revenue

Instead of spending hours trying to teach yourself web design, you will have the time to focus on other aspects of your website, such as content.

Your website will also attract more visitors and leads because a stylish website suggests professionalism and encourages trust. Your website is likely to be shared by others and get good reviews, and visitors are likely to make a return visit.

Design companies also know where to place call-to-action boxes such as email sign-ups to convert visitors to leads. More internet traffic also means you have more ways to monetize your site and create or increase revenue. You have the ability to strategize and focus on content development from the beginning to attract your target audience.

Use a Quality Web Design Agency

So, you have decided to hire a web design agency for your website. But where do you find one?

It is important to remember that not all web design agencies are created equally. You will only reap all these benefits with a reputable and experienced company.

Thankfully, you do not have to look far. Karben Marketing is here to help. We are a marketing and graphic design agency that specializes in services such as web design. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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